Child Led Play

After catching up with Terry who originally suggested I write a blog on Child Led Play, he told me his Daughter aged 2 had recently been to a birthday party. He was surprised that all the small children played separately, instead of together.

This in my experience is perfectly normal for that age, and soon not only will children start to interact with one another they will also start to disagree. I have come across a poem, which sums it up brilliantly.


If I want it, it’s MINE.
If it’s in my hand, it’s MINE.
If I had it a little while ago, it’s MINE.
if I can take it, it’s MINE.
If it’s MINE, it is NEVER going to be yours.
If we are building things together, all the pieces are MINE.
If I give it to you and then change my mind, it’s MINE.
If I think it’s nice, it’s MINE.
Once it’s MINE,It will NEVER belong to anyone else, no matter what.
If it’s broken, it’s YOURS!
– Author unknown –

As children mature and their brains and imagination develop, hopefully harmony will be restored and they will play happily together, as I demonstrated in my earlier “Child Led Play – Part 1” long, where i told the story the “Santa Play” scenario.

Hopefully, this has explained things for you Terry. Enjoy your daughter, while she is tiny as they grow up far too quickly!

As always  if anyone has any questions or comments, they are very welcome. I aim to respond quickly.

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  1. That’s a great poem, and of course so true. It is interesting how their imagination grows with them, and l am continually surprised at what my daughter comes up with. We are going through the servants and Queen role play at the moment, another time post office and customer, the list is endless, but it is great to see how the things your child is doing now, we all did as a child.
    Love reading the blogs Karen. Keep up the good work. x

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