Childminding Tales – Woodland Wonders

I love to get out and about whenever possible and liked to do outdoor activities, with my child minded children, when the weather would allow.

One bright Autumn day I decided to take them on an outing to the woods, I had to drive us there, as it was approximately 8 miles from my home.

We parked in a picnic area nearby and walked together along the footpath to the wood. I gave each child a plastic carrier bag to put their treasures in, I had visions of them collecting conkers, acorns, pine cones, sycamore keys and maybe some leaves.

One particular little boy, Hayden, decided to fill his bag to the top with rather large stones and pebbles, he was thrilled with his finds.

After collecting our goodies, we paused for a while, to watch a wild rabbit, in the distance


We then gradually made our way back to the car. Hayden’s bag was heavy, as it was full of stones, so he decided to drag his bag along the floor, rather than carry it. Unfortunately, by the time we got to the car park, the friction of the bag rubbing against the rough path had worn a hole in the bottom and all the stones had gradually slipped out. I hadn’t noticed this happening, as I paying attention to the children, ensuring everyone was walking safely along the path.

I have written on road safety, in an earlier post). The children all passed me their bags to put into my car boot. All poor Hayden had was an empty bag complete with a hole! Luckily, he didn’t seem too upset, just a little bewildered and his sister kindly said she would share her treasures with him.

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  1. Poor little Hayden he was so good as a lot of children would be very upset and cry. Walking is such fun and there is always something different to see . Walking is free and so much better for you than so many of the places that cost a fortune.

  2. My eldest is absolutely obsessed with collecting acorns and conkers and the like! We have a box of them and he wants to plant them in the garden but I’m trying to convince him that there is no room for oak trees growing in our garden! Sounds like a sweet day out. #thesatsesh

  3. This sounds like a very mindful and lovely activity – it’s so great to get the kids outdoors and in nature. I’m so pleased little Hayden wasn’t too bothered about losing his collection of stones and what a sweet sister he has! #thesatsesh xx

  4. Poor little Hayden! It was so sweet of his sister to share he finds with him. People have been saying that they haven’t found many conkers this year. Have you found that to be the case where you are?

    Thanks for joining #daysoutwithatoddler 🙂 See you again soon

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