Children’s Crafts – Woolly Dolls

Woolly dolls are something I learned to make, as a child ( a school friend taught me) and I used to make, with my older child minded children.

To make a woolly doll, you will need: wool, thick wool works best, a hardback book ( a ladybird book, is ideal) and scissors..

  1. After choosing your wool, start by winding it around the widest part of the book,ย until it is completely covered, don’t pull the wool too tight, or it will be difficult at the next stage.
  2. IMG_20171129_155941
  3. 2 Carefully slide the wool off the book, in one piece.
  4. Make hair, head and waist, by sectioning off areas with wool.
  5. Now wind more wool, you can use the same colour, or a contrasting one, if you desire, around the narrow part of the same book, to make the arms.
  6. dolls2
  7. Slide wool of, as earlier.dolls1
  8. Tie off ends, with pieces of wool, ย to make hands.
  9. Carefully slot arms into body section
  10. Separate and tie off legs and feet.
  11. dolls4
  12. You can trim the hair ( and hands and feet) if you wish.Use a larger book, to make a larger doll. Different colour wool could be used to make dolls for various times of year, for example, a red doll at Christmas time. All that is needed is imagination.I have written more on arts and crafts in an earlier post, titled arts and crafts for kids on a shoestring.As always questions/comments are welcome.Karen
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  1. Well that’s very clever! I love the colours too. I’m not the best at things like that so I doubt my attempt would look much like a doll lol. But you never know. Thanks for joining us at #familyfun and have a lovely Christmas x

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