Christmas crafts for children

Recently I attended a Christmas craft evening where I discovered the following crafts, which I feel children would manage with a little help from an adult. I feel sure that many parents and child minders will enjoy and benefit from this.

All the items needed can be purchased reasonably from arts and crafts suppliers and even some discount stores.

I used coloured lolly pop sticks, glue or glue dots, googly eyes, buttons and glitter, plus some ribbon for making hanging loops. Children  could follow these designs or modify to make their own creations, which can be hung on the Christmas tree or even given as gifts.

Another idea that I discovered this week and is so ingenious that I had to share was on a television show, it demonstrated how to make bespoke penguin wrapping paper  by simply printing with half a potato using black and white paint onto plain brown wrapping paper, then adding feet and beaks with orange paint and commercial googly eyes.

When I was working as a registered child minder  I taught the children how to do tea bag folding, which sounds a bit odd,  but can be really effective once mastered.

We made small stars to stick onto homemade cards and larger ones as decorations for the playroom walls. Using contrasting colours of paper look even more striking.

Marzipan fruits and Christmas biscuits were also favourites that we did together each year along with the Christmas treasure boxes  that we put our little makes into ( read more about this in my post on arts and crafts for children on a shoestring).

I would love to hear about other crafts  that adults enjoy sharing with children at Christmas, or at any time of year.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to everyone who reads my blog!

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  1. Never seen any of these brilliant ideas before, I really liked the tea bag folding , going to have a go at trying to master this art myself be something different that I’ve never done before. Thank you for all the them.

  2. #thesatsesh some cute ideas, i love the penguin wrapping paper idea.i wish the month was a little longer so i had more time to make more ‘bits’. Thanks for joining us and please return in the new year 🙂 happy chrimmy

  3. I love the star idea we have never tried that! We have been making all sorts with lollipop sticks the reindeer one is a favourite of ours! Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub and Merry Christmas! X

  4. Oh I wish I read this yesterday we were doing crafts and I could have done with some inspiration ( I am not very good at crafts) Oh well we will just have to do it some! I love the Christmas trees! Thanks for joining us #familyfun

  5. Im thinking that this Christmas was my last year childminding. Having only one very young mindee left to look after before we move house, I did very simple crafting. Instead I have enjoyed doing more craft with my own children or should I say having more patience to craft with my own as I haven’t overdone it! Love the lolly stick craft, my 8 yo would enjoy making these #coolmumclub

  6. These are lovely ideas, the little man is just reaching that age where he loves to make things. Thanks for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. Hope to see you again on Tuesday for the last linky of 2017 🙂

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