Christmas with Children

Sarah Knight has suggested that I write about how to survive Christmas with children, thanks, Sarah.

The first thing that comes to mind is how wonderful Christmas is when spent with children. My best Christmases. were when my children were still believers in Santa, there is something magical about that!

I recall, one year, my eldest son wrote to santa asking for teenage mutant turtles ( all the rage that year) I went to every toy shop in the area, but all were sold out. Afraid that he was going to be disappointed on the big day, I gently explained to him, that as many children were asking for these, Father Christmas may find it difficult to get them, as toy shops were selling out.

“It’s O.K, mum” he told me. ” My school friends nan lives in America and she says there are loads there, santa flies all around the world, so he can get me some on his way!”

Eventually I managed to get two sets, one for each of my sons, by going on a shopping trip to London. ( It did involve having a scuffle with another mum)


Whilst childminding I had a selection of Christmas activities up my sleeve, from making and icing biscuits and marzipan fruits to decorating shoe boxes ( more on this, in my  arts and crafts blog)

Christmas eve in our house was manic. not only were my boys excited about the next day, but Christmas eve was also their dads birthday, so we had several visitors. One year, my son gave his dad some chocolate, as he unwrapped the present, my son told him, ” We could share that.”

I have heard  that a local theme park is letting local families in at a reduced price on Christmas eve, as a way of saying thank you for supporting them throughout the quieter times. What a great way of letting your children burn off some energy and prevent them getting bored while they are waiting for santa to come.

I used to persuade my children to go to bed early on Christmas eve as the time seems to go faster when you are asleep!

A bit late for this year now, but my biggest tip is to start planning for Christmas early. I used to buy presents, all year round, especially if I came across something suitable for someone in a sale. It certainly helps the budget if you can spread the cost throughout the year.And if you get sorted ahead of time, it means you can enjoy the build up to Christmas with your children without the stress.

One of my favourite things was watching my children and others, at the nativity plays. Unfortunately, my grand children live too far away for me to see  theirs, but my son sends me a video.

One more thing, if you do shop all year round, it is a good idea to write down who you have bought for and put it in your purse, so you don’t forget and double up!

In brief then, plan ahead when possible and keep little ones amused, by letting them help with making cards and decorations and putting up the tree, of course.

I have noticed that shopping centres are putting santa in his grotto earlier each year, I would suggest that parents don’t take their children to visit him too early, as this will make them think that he is coming in the next few days, which may cause them to get over excited, before they should.

Above all, enjoy Christmas with your children, as it never quite the same when they grow up.


As always, questions/ comments are welcome.

Karen x


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  1. I agree I used to love watching the grandchildren in nativity plays, made me feel so proud and very emotional . I think Xmas starts far too early in all the shops now and like you point out children get excited too soon. Some supermarkets start as early as August which is far too early.Another good blog Karen .

  2. Mia is the right age to appreciate Christmas this year and we cant wait to start off some lovely traditions with her! My mum is taking her to see Santa on the 2nd December and then I have an Xmas eve box all ready for her to open before the big day!


  3. Lovely blog Karen, Christmas is such a lovely time. Just love watching Megan’s face when he knows Farther Christmas has been. x

  4. Great tips, I like the theme park on Christmas Eve idea, it’s often a really long day for them-but I love the anticipation and excitement of the day too! And your remembering to enjoy it with the children-I’m really trying to savour every moment of Christmases’ with our little ones, they definitely seem to be growing up faster all the time! #thesatsesh

  5. I still have 2 who believe in Santa and I love it, their excitement is the most beautiful thing. I love Christmas Eve when they just are about to burst and the tree is twinkling and the carols are playing. Thanks so much for linking up with us #ablogginggoodtime

  6. This is the first year I’ve been excited about Christmas for years! I think it’s because we now have a baby, so it’s the first of many Christmases with children now and I can’t wait for her to enjoy it #FamilyFunLinky

  7. I had to laugh because I am not at the other end… my children have believed in Santa so whole- heartedly and for so long that I am almost at the point where i want to break down and tell them the truth. Every year I think this is the year they’ll figure it all out and I will finally be done with all the sneaking around…

  8. Although my children are too young to understand Christmas it’s still so magical as my husband gets time off and we have the family round. They’re never too young to appreciate having unlimited Grandma and Grandad time! I can’t wait until they’re both speaking and in the full swing of a kids Christmas 🙂 #TriumphantTales

  9. Great tip about Santa’s grotto and what a fantastic idea of that theme park. We certainly need a way to let all that excitement out when there are children around! Thanks for linking to #sharethejoylinky

  10. I always buy Christmas presents through the year – it spreads the cost and it means I get something that they really want rather than panic-buying at the last minute. #blogcrush

  11. #thesatsesh love this, what wonderful ideas and lovely memories. I think tradition and creating them as a new family when little ones come is so much fun. I was thinking of doing the naughty elf this christmas but my son has such a big imagination I want the fun to be driven by him. Thanks for joining us.

  12. With teens Christmas has taken a different turn for sure but for me the most important element is that we are all together and have time to relax and catch up as a family and with other family members and friends. I love it. Thanks for joining us Karen. #TweensTeensBeyond

  13. I dont see any event as surviving anything with children, as blended families we rarely had our children with us for christmas due to the demands of living abroad and their other families tweenteensbeyond

  14. These are some really good tips! Its our second christmas but for now, Ben is still too young to get what’s going on but i’m gonnba be sure to get in order for next year!
    Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back again tomorrow!

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