From the mouths of babes

A second light hearted post this week with an aim to hopefully make everyone smile.

One of the many things that I miss since having to give up my beloved child minding is hearing the funny innocent things that children often come up with, luckily I still see many children and these antidotes come to mind.

A friend of mine told me  that her partner who has longish greying hair was waiting for his order in the local fish and chip shop, there was a boy of about 6 watching him. He heard the child whisper to his father, “How do we know that man, who is he?” to which the dad replied, “I don’t think we do.” The boy kept on looking at the stranger then he suddenly blurted out, “Dad, I know who it is, it’s Jesus!”

A neighbours child came to visit  and told me that her auntie was having a baby and had seen it on the baby scan

When I asked if she knew if she was going to have a little girl or a boy the child replied, “How can the doctor tell the difference?”

This girl had a brother so I thought she would understand when I said that boys have something that girls don’t.

“No, Karen, you have got that wrong, girls have something that boys haven’t,” she insisted “long hair!”

Along similar lines, when my sister had her second baby , a boy, her elder daughter kept asking about his ‘extra’ bit, her mother told her that all boys and men have one, to which she enquired as to if daddy has one, then much to my sister’s embarrassment while they were out together a man walked passed them, my niece said rather loudly , ” mummy, has that man got a willy?”

I would love you to share your experiences of the wonderful  funny innocent things you have heard from the mouths of babes by leaving comments.

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  1. Yes they do say funny things. And so innocent . I love listening to them when out and about, especially when out on the buses. Always cheers me up, I also love listening to kiddies playing in the surrounding gardens near ours . Reminds me of my children when they were small , like you Karen I love children and animals. Enjoyed your blog

  2. I could probably write a page of them but I think the most embarrassing was when a friend of my husbands that we hadn’t seen in ages (but used to see daily) stopped to speak to us in the street and my five yr old son piped up…I remember you, you used to be my Dad!

  3. Gosh, l have some funny things that Megan has said in the past, but unfortunately l would rather not repeat them on here xxx

  4. Kids to say the funniest things. When my son was 2 we went to my sister and her family to spend Christmas day. Her father in law, Ralph, was staying with them and he was a very large man with a white beard and was wearing a little university cap. My son called him Santa all day! Ralph was clearly very chuffed to be called Santa and played along…it was very sweet! #ablogginggoodtime

  5. They say such brilliant things – never fail to make me smile. I was a bit flummoxed when my little boy asked me very loudly in the street if Jesus has a willy or a front bottom! #ablogginggoodtime

  6. Ha ha that last one with the willies amused me the most! How innocent these lovely children are. My son likes to say fart in front of strangers so regretting teaching him that one!! ‪Thank you for linking up to the #familyfunlinky‬

  7. Lol, I can imagine your sister’s blushes when your niece asked about whether the man walking by had a willy. Children just blurt things out so innocently don’t they? Thanks for sharing with #ftmob

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