How I managed to lose a stone in weight in under 2 months

This weeks post is going away from my usual topic of parenting/child minding tips and advice.

Recently I have been fortunate in that I have managed to lose a stone in weight quite quickly and when a friend asked how I had achieved this I decided to blog about it.

I have never had a weight problem before, in fact, when I was in my 20’s  I was at the park with my children on a warm day wearing shorts and a cropped top, I came across a work colleague who stopped to chat  then he said, “The word Gandhi comes to mind, Karen” I knew that I was on the slim side, but was I that skinny! This is a picture of before I gained weight

I suffered a major stroke 10 years ago and add to the fact that I was getting older the pounds and then the stones crept up on me.

I will admit to comfort eating too. My husband who also became my carer would reward me with a chocolate bar or cream cake when he thought that I had tried hard at my physio exercises, this became a joke that I shared with friends, if he gave me grapes with my morning coffee he wasn’t overly impressed but if I was given a slice of cake or biscuits he was pleased.

In February of this year I had a fall which happens occasionally  and usually my ‘super Geordie’ husband  would pick me up and put me back on my feet  ( I am unable to help myself as I have very limited use of my left hand side) on this occasion when he attempted to lift me he kept repeating ” How much weight have you put on?”

It was then that we both realised that something had to be done, as if he was unable to lift me we were both in trouble. I was brave and got onto the scales the next day, this was a challenge  I wear a splint for support on my leg for standing and walking so once Alec had put this on I held onto the window sill for support stepped onto the scales and then let go for a few seconds while he checked my weight

, I was 13 stone I have never been more than 10  even though my three pregnancies.

I didn’t follow a diet as such I gave up the comfort food and snacked on fruit  I ate brown bread rather than white and replaced semi skimmed milk for skimmed, which didn’t really taste that different. I also had salads and if the rest of the family were having chips I had pasta or rice  I was encouraged  by my sister when we went out for our weekly coffee together to have a small white coffee rather than my usual latte.

As exercise if difficult I attempted to walk a little more. I wear a splint on my left leg and use a tristick

so when I walked to the toilet at the end of our hallway I would walk back to the living room  and then turn around and walk back towards the toilet again doubling my usual walk I called this my roundabouts my leg muscles ached for a few days but they soon adjusted to it.

When I weighed myself a week later to my amazement I had already lost half a stone I was so surprised that I stood on the scales again an hour later to double check that it was true, which it was. that gave me a real boost and more willpower On average I tended to lose 2llbs a fortnight. I still allowed myself a weekly treat of a piece of battered cod from the fish and chip shop, usually I would have had a portion of chips but figured fish was less fattening even with the batter.

I was beginning to receive lots of positive comments from friends and family which gave me more incentive to carry on.

On 4 May when I stepped onto the scales I had lost the magic stone. If I can manage to lose weight I believe that anyone can all you need is willpower and encouragement from family and friends.

My challenge is now going to be  to not let it creep back on.

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  1. Wow well done Karen that is amazing, you are a very strong willed person, can’t WEIGHT to see you soon, l bet l will notice a difference. Better bring a carrot then instead of a cake ! xx

  2. Gosh, well done! My weight has always been up and down and it’s exercise that shifts it for me. I find my diet has an impact, but not much, so I’m really impressed that you managed to lose despite not being able to do vigorous exercise. Good luck with sticking to it – I’m sure you will! #bigpinklink

  3. You are an inspiration Karen. Dieting is the hardest thing in the world isn’t it, harder as we age and not helped by the fact that food and wine is generally involved in most things. I am trying to lose a bit weight. Complacency has caught up with me and I am finding it really hard. Well done! You should feel rightly proud. #tweensteensbeyond

  4. Well done you, that sounds a great achievement and something to be proud of. I know alcohol and cake are my weaknesses. Now I just need to do something about it! Keep up the good work and keep those pounds off, it will keep you feeling more healthy all round #TweensTeensBeyond

  5. It sounds like you’re approaching it in a healthy, balanced way…and it’s paying off! Well done, and good luck in continuing.

  6. This is so inspiring! Well done. I need to do this, my snacking is awful, cakes are my big downfall! And chocolate and biscuits!! Will keep your success story in mind next time I’m choosing a snack! Thanks for linking up with the #bigpinklink this week

  7. This is marvellous – it just goes to show you don’t need to embark on epic exercise or diet fads to lose weight, but to make healthy and manageable changes to your everyday tasks and meals.
    Congratulations – keep it up!
    Thanks for sharing with #coolmumclub

  8. Oh that is fantastic well done you you must be so proud. It is amazing what a lifestyle change can do isn’t it. Really well done on great progress and a great inspiration for others to read. Thank you for sharing at #familyfun

  9. Well done. You should be really proud of yourself!
    Thanks for linking up to #BloggerClubUK 🙂

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