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The question of how to help a child with number recognition came up recently on social media. These are my ideas.

In my experience, most children start recognizing numbers by their age. Many youngsters are given birthday cards with their age on ( usually the number is large and brightly coloured) Some children walk around for days wearing a badge to show the world how old, or big they are!

My grand daughter who is three. learnt her numbers by watching videos on YouTube of people opening kinder eggs, she also learnt about colours and shapes at the same time.

My eldest son learnt about numbers by watching Sesame Street on TV. He also liked Blockbusters, which helped with his letter recognition.

My grandson learnt to recognise 0-10 from the dial on my mobility scooter (I am now disabled) he loved to sit on my lap and help me to steer. I recall one time when he saw some people ahead of us he shouted “Come on, Nana. let’s beat them!” whilst turning the control dial to top speed. Luckily I was still in control and soon turned it down again!

While I was child minding I used board games such as snakes and ladders or Ludo to help encourage number recognition (this is also good to teach turn taking and sharing) We also used to sing songs like “5 little ducks” and “10 little monkeys jumping on the bed” to help with counting.

The boys were always fans of Thomas The Tank Engine and as each train has a different number and colour, this can be very helpful too.

If we think about it, numbers are everywhere; on the remote control, telephone, calendars, car registration plates, house numbers, road signs, the list is endless. You could make a sort of number treasure hunt game for children to play while you are out and about.

Look out for numbers with children while you are shopping. Price tags on items or shelves and weighing fruit and vegetables in the supermarket is a fun learning activity.

Remember, if you give your children pocket money that coins have their monetarily value written on them.

Some television programmes, such as The X factor, Strictly Come Dancing and Children In Need will show numbers on screen, while the presenter reads them out.

In summary, numbers are all around us, make it fun for your children to learn and soon they will be telling you how much the latest video game, or toy costs!

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4 Comments on “Number Recognition

  1. My eldest loves reading her numbers everywhere, on signs, on price tags, on her clothing. My youngest (3) is starting to recognise her numbers too. I’m really loving this stage.

  2. Oooh I love the idea of a number treasure hunt. Not only would they be learning numbers but you could look for colours too, and other things like trees, cars or whatever. Its getting outdoors in the fresh air too. Fab idea. #familyfun

  3. We’ve not really started on numbers but saying that we say one two three when counting down to letting a car down the ramp etc so we have those numbers, he always says two two two at me when he wants me to count down. I think I’ll try showing him these numbers so he can start to recognise them! ‪Thank you for linking up to the #familyfunlinky‬

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