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It may seem a little strange for a blogger who says that she writes parenting/ child minding tips and advice to write a review of dog treats, my reasoning is that a family isn’t complete without a dog, in my opinion.

Recently we learned that a certain brand of dental chews that we had been giving our dog, Jake a jack Russell cross  who we rescued from the dog’s trust 3 years ago were not as healthy as we believed. Our vet said that they were full of carbohydrates so when Jake who was already a mill wall supporter had them you can imagine the consequences – he now has an A.S.B.0!

I came across bug bakes on Facebook and when they agreed to send some samples to review I jumped at the chance.

The goodies arrived along with a jute ( hard wearing natural material ) toy

in a delightful drawstring bag

the contents were 2 packs of organic bug bakes

and 2 packets of wild flower seeds, which my husband was thrilled about as he was planning to plant some flowers to attract the butterflies and bees into our small garden.


The bug bakes treats are organic and their purpose is to be kind to the planet and good for our dogs.

The wild flower seeds are intended to attract insects which are essential to pollination.

Jake wasn’t really bothered by the treats, if I’m being honest,  but he is the fussiest dog on the planet, I have been informed that bug bakes  will be bringing out new flavours so who knows if they will interest him?

Individual bags containing approximately 55 treats can be purchased for £3 each alternatively if bought in bulk (known as feeding the pack) which is a 14 bag box they retail at  £2.50 per bag free shipping applies to the later option available from

Jake loved the dog toy and because it is made from hard wearing material it should last a lot longer than most of his other toys that he has managed to destroy by literally tearing them into pieces.

I would recommend products from bug bakes because as they are good for our pets and the planet, what is not to like?


At the present time the toy is not yet available and the seeds are not for sale but may soon be depending on demand. These are however included with large or regular orders.

Bug bakes can be contacted through their website

As always comments/questions are welcome.








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  1. We loved our two Labradors and even though we lost them years ago we still miss them and love going down memory lane when we look at numerous photos of them. I have heard about certain dental treats for dogs , scary really when they are supposed to be good for our pets . The bug bake treats sound a good buy and let’s hope Jake enjoys a different flavour.

  2. I’d love a dog but it’s not practical for us at the moment, when we had our lab though I know we had to be really careful with the treats we gave her, glad you found some good ones. #mondaystumble

  3. we have 3 dogs, so we obviously adore them! giving healthy treats is so important. Thank you so much for supporting #mg Link Up

  4. Oh I agree that a home isn’t a home without a dog. Thank you for sharing this review with us on #PointShoot 📸 Your dog is gorgeous!

  5. #thesatsesh I am all over this! Particularly the toy…i’ve just got my lab a buffalo horn and she loves it (so do her teeth) and its not as harsh as the reindeer antlers.

  6. When we had a dog I was more particular about what I gave him than he was but I do think it’s important to give the healthiest possible and so I love the look of Bug Bakes which looks both good for them and the planet! Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub Karen! xx

  7. I’m going to have to try these! You are so correct – the dogs make the family complete! I never realized it until we got one (and then we got another)!

  8. I’ve been looking for some healthy treats for our dog for ages now and these look great. He has colitis so we have to be really careful what we give him. Going to check these out thanks 🙂 #GoingGreen

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