Review Of “OxoTots”

When oxo tots got in touch and asked if I would review some of their products, I immediately enlisted the help of family friend called Ann and her 14 month old daughter; Arya.

Sippy Cup

Oxo tots sent me their tall sippy cup; suitable for 9 months plus It is priced at £7.60. This has non-slip grips on both sides and even has a ridge along the top to prevent tiny noses from being squashed while drinking. Ayra took to the cup straight away; although Ann did initially wonder if it may be a little too big however it wasn’t. It didn’t leak at all and Ayra had no trouble at all using it. It has become, her favourite drinking vessel, by far.

Divider Plate

The divider plate; priced at £8.50 is great as it has sections for different food types which means that the food doesn’t touch each other therefore Ayra could taste each different flavour (this, may work well for picky eaters, who are fussy, about certain food types) Ann reports that the dip section in the centre of the plate made it even more special for them as Ayra loves gravy; so extra gravy was placed in the centre of the Divider Plate.

The curved green sides, of the plate meant that the food didn’t slide around, while she was learning to use the cutlery. The fact that this can be removed when the child is ready is an asset too. There is also a removable rubber ring on the bottom; to prevent the plate from sliding around the table.

Fork & Spoon Set

The fork and spoon set; suitable from around 12 months costs £7. These were easy for Ayra to use as they are light weight and the perfect size for her hands. The anti-grip sections meant she didn’t struggle to keep hold of them.


Ann; Ayra’s mother gives all of the above products ten out of ten! She would recommend them and says that they are well worth the money. The products can be purchased online via their website which you can visit by clicking here

Disclosure: We were gifted these products for the purpose of the review; but all opinions are that of myself, Ann and Ayra.

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  1. New products are coming on the market often, l do like that plate with the divided sections and of course the sippy cup, that would have been very useful. It is great that someone reviews all this stuff, as a working Mum, l don’t have time to trawl through loads of reviews , so it great knowing that Karen is doing so on our behalf.

  2. I didn’t know that OXO did a toddler range like this. We have some of their other kitchenware and it’s very good quality. Definitely am going to check out that water bottle/cup. We never seem to have enough in our house and they seem to leak far too easily. Thank you for linking up to #EatSleepBlogRT. Hope you can join again next week.

  3. Ahh! I have heard many good things about OxoTots products. I can’t remember them being around when my girls were little I would have loved to have given them a try. #mainylovessummer

  4. I haven’t seen this range before. Thats one of the things I love about reading blogs is seeing new products that I didn’t know about.
    Thanks for linking up, great to see your blog

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