Riding for the disabled

Before I suffered a massive stroke 10 years ago I used to ride every weekend. I was extremely fortunate in that I had a friend called Sue Barker, who owned 2 thoroughbred ex racehorses, she had obtained them when they failed to make the grade in the world of horse racing. I rode an amazing gelding, who went by the name “Scruffy” ( although he wasn’t in the slightest) his racing name was Wind Span.

Since my stroke I have been lucky enough to visit a friend’s horse, Luke from my wheelchair.

My youngest son bought me a disabled riding experience at the Calvert Trust, Exmoor as a birthday present.

On arriving at the stables I was asked to sign a disclaimer before riding, I was then fitted with a riding helmet and a nylon sling for the hoist was placed underneath me, my horse, Teddy, was a 20 year old piebald ( black and white to non horsey folk) cob, he was led into the indoor arena closely followed by myself in my chair, which was pushed up a ramp, the sling which I was now sitting on was attached the hoist and while Teddy was moved into position I was lifted into the air with some help from 3 remarkable assistants I was soon in the saddle.

It felt a bit strange at first and my stroke leg did ache quite a lot but as I walked my horse around the school a few times to get the feeling of riding again I began to enjoy it next I was allowed to go outside as the weather was warm, we ambled around a track, while my sister took photos, then it was back inside to be hoisted off again.

It was definitely different to the sort of riding I did before stroke when I would gallop, hell for leather on a fast mount, but this gave me a chance to once again get a taste of a hobby I once loved. I would recommend it to everyone.

An hour’s disabled riding at the Calvert Trust, Exmoor cost £30, all opinions are my own

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  1. amazing to see you back on a horse again Karen ,well done you so glad you enjoyed the experience . Teddy is a lovely horse and as you say the girls looked after you so well. Calvert Trust do an amazing job and I always donate when they are out with their collection tins. I know a lady who volunteers for them ( wonderful thing to do) .hope you are going to do it again soon.

  2. l know how much this must have meant to you Karen to be able to do this with the help of the Calvert Trust, its such a great place,
    Teddy looks great and l bet he looked after you, yes indeed not your normal sort of horse, but it must have been great just to feel the movement and smell them again. l hope this will become a regular thing for you. If you go again let me know, l would love to come and watch.

    Zip wiring next week on the agenda for you ??

  3. This is fantastic and a wonderful place for you Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

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