Traditional Games

Nowadays, with electronics, such as, games consoles, tablets and i pads it may seem old fashioned to think about playing traditional games, but they, too, can be fun and a lot cheaper on our pockets.

Eye- spy is one of the oldest, it can be adapted for younger children, I used to to play it using colours, rather than letters, for the tiny ones, e.g. I spy with my little eye, something red (the car ahead) I have even played eye spy on the web cam, using Skype, with my grandchildren, who live far away, my eldest granddaughter made us laugh, when she said, “Eye spy, with my little eye, something beginning with !”nana”

Hide and seek is another old favourite, I remember a child once lying on a bed, with his eyes closed, thinking that because he couldn’t see, no one could see him! Another time a little one hid in a laundry basket, but left her arm dangling outside.

Hopscotch is another traditional favourite, that will also help your children to stay active

Dressing up will help feed your child’s imagination ( I have also written posts on child led play)



If your children are into electronic games, my earlier blog on being addicted to tablets, may be useful.

Of course, there are loads of party games for groups of children, like Ring a roses and the farmers in his den, the list is endless. The main thing is, which ever games children play,   enjoy and have fun doing so.

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13 Comments on “Traditional Games

  1. Lovely reminder of these games from way back. Played eye spy so many times over the years(where have all those years gone) with my girls and my grandchildren and now with great grandchildren. So lovely to think of them all once more.

  2. I so agree with this karen. I take my children out loads to The “outdoors” trying to avoid “Consoles” ECT.
    Also love playing board games and jigsaw puzzles with them, to many sit at computers for their entertainment, limiting their experience of the world around us. X

  3. We’re just getting into ‘proper’ games here at age 2.5 years (games that have some sort of rules, I mean, rather than just purely imaginative play). Hide and seek is a favourite, either with Baby Lighty himself hiding, or us hiding a small object for him to find. They had a hopscotch mat at our baby group the other week, and Baby Lighty liked that too! Definitely something to be said about the old classics! Thank you for linking this to #DreamTeam!

  4. Haha! I love the image of the arm dangling out of the laundry basket! These simple games bring out hysterics like nothing else these days! We love watching our kids play with their cousins and friends.

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