Attracting birds to your garden

I have always enjoyed watching the birds in the garden. As a child my grandfather gave me a book about birds so that I could read and learn about those I saw.
When I moved into my own home after getting married, my dade me a wooden bird table with a roof we only put out stale bread really, but managed to attract a few passing birds.
I really became interested in feeding garden birds after I suffered a stroke which has left me disabled, I spend a lot of time sitting in an arm chair beside a window, which overlooks the back garden. Unfortunately the garden is too low for me to see the ground while sitting, so my clever husband made a bird table at the right height


This has been wonderful for me to see wood pigeons, starlings, sparrows, black birds and a robin who frequently visits to feed on the died fruit and seeds that we supply.
He has also hung feeders containing peanuts and sun flower hearts from the garage roof that I can look at.

The biggest success, however is a gift I received from an elderly relative of a fat ball holder, the starlings can’t get enough of this. I heard on Spring-watch that there are a shortage of home bred starlings, I think that I have them all on my feeder as I recently counted 15 young fledglings feeding at once.

When I was a child minder I helped the children to make bird cakes from seeds , nuts and suet mixed together with melted lard and packed into yogurt cartons, left to set and then we hung them from a tree near the playroom window. The children enjoyed monitoring which types of birds liked to feed from them, it was mostly blue tits.

We also have a plastic bird table on the lawn which has water available for the birds to drink or bath in, we let the water go green as this encourages insects giving the birds natural food as well.

My husband has fixed a nesting box for the birds where I can see it, we have witnessed the odd blue tit going inside to investigate but up to now nothing has nested in it which is a shame as he has rigged a camera inside so that I can see anything that develops. I will keep hoping!
If you would like to attract birds to feed in your garden place the food somewhere safe away from cats, also refrain from throwing food onto the floor as this may attract rats rather than birds.
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  1. We love watching the birds in our garden, always feel so sad when the cats get hold of them, we try to keep cats at bay with a water pistol on the back step. Doesn’t harm the cats but they certainly don’t like getting wet. We always keep dried fruit as well as the usual different bird food from garden centres , they are waiting for us in the morning and wait for the blind to go up in our dining room. Lovely blog Karen .

  2. Great post and I love that you have seen so many starlings which have been attracted to the fat balls. Lovely to see so many birds coming into the garden.

  3. I love bird watching, we have two of those metal table tree things in our little patch of grass outside our flat, makes me so happy when I see all the different types of birds that have visited

  4. Wow this garden looks like a birds dream! Sadly we have tried a few different things but never manage to attract the birds, the neighbours at the back of us have 3 cats that sit on my fence which I think may be part of the problem! Thanks for linking up to #livelifelove linky I hope you manage to catch some little ones on your bird box camera!

  5. I LOVE watching the birds in my garden. We’ve had quite a range over the years, but my favourites have been the woodpeckers and a buzzard! Not your average garden bird… The problem I’m having now is a pair of squirrels that seem to be able to get at the nuts, seeds and fat balls no matter what I put them in! #pointshoot

  6. Wow, that is impressive, woodpeckers and a buzzard, I am guessing that you have a large garden in the country, I live on the dege of a village on a small housing estate, thanks for sharing x

  7. I love watching the birds come to the garden. We planted a few bird friendly trees, and slowly as they grow, more bird are nesting. We also put out regular food to attract more birds and it becomes a fun show when they all pitch up together to eat. #alittlebitofeverything

  8. oh I adore birds and love attacking them to our garden. My Grandfather had book too and my daughter loves it. We live in Australia and so I plant a lot of natives to encourage them to come feed. Your husband sounds very clever. Good luck with the nest! #fortheloveofBLOG

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