Child minding tales- looking after a diamond thief!

This weeks post goes back to when I was working as a registered child minder and took a group of minded children on a visit to the local garden centre.

We walked along a safe foot path

and on arrival  we looked around at the plants


and pet accessories they were selling, before visiting the cafe for refreshments



After our visit we were preparing for the walk home, when one child, Katie, looked a little worried.  “What’s the matter? I enquired. “I’m just checking that the police haven’t arrived yet,” she told me

, “I have stolen some diamonds!”

I asked her to show me these precious jewels, so she reached into her pocket and pulled out 3 shiny stones

which had been on display in one of the flower beds we had been looking at earlier.

“Oh sweetheart,” I told her, “These are not diamonds, they are shiny stones.”

” i took one for mummy, one for daddy and one for you,” she explained.

I don’t know if she was more relieved that she wasn’t going to prison, or disappointed that she wasn’t going to make us all rich.  It was good to know that she had included me in her get rich scheme though!

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11 Comments on “Child minding tales- looking after a diamond thief!

  1. Oh how sweet ,the innocence of children. Katie was obviously a lovely chid and very thoughtful but at same time knew what she had done was wrong, bless her. A lovely story Karen.

  2. That’s a sweet story! My daughter is forever bringing things home from school in her pockets! She doesn’t understand why she can’t have the things she wants if they aren’t hers! Though she must know it’s wrong as she hides them and doesn’t openly take them! Hopefully not a little thief in the making 😛

  3. Oh that’s so sweet. Did you make her put them back though!!? ‪Thank you for linking up to the #familyfunlinky‬

    1. I made her go back to the check out operator to give them back, when I explained what she had done, the lady let her keep one and took the other two of her, she then told her that if she took anything again she would be in trouble, so I feel that the long was made, thanks for your comment and question x

  4. Oh bless her that’s adorable and actually really touching that she had erm “borrowed” them to give to her special people. Worth more than diamonds in my opinion. I love the way you handled it and that the lady let her keep one. A valuable lesson learned. Thanks for linking with #DreamTeam x

  5. Ah that’s such a funny and sweet story. I love how a child’s mind works, almost wishing it would stay that way forever. Thanks for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

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