Children Say The Funniest Things!


Whilst child minding; I often heard the children say funny things. Once, whilst I was covering a topic on healthy eating we were making fruit kebabs and I asked “Where do grapes come from?”

A 4 year old shot up her arm and told me “I know Karen; Tesco!”

On another occasion; while walking through the park in the Autumn, a child noticed the leaves falling from the trees. He innocently asked me “Does the Gardener stick them back on with Blu Tack in the spring?”

On a similar subject; I was sitting in the waiting room of the hair dresser with my own children, when my youngest asked what the colour sample hanging on the wall was. I explained it was showing the different colours you could have your hair. He piped up with “Does the hair dresser stick them on with Blu Tack?” The whole salon went into a fit of giggles!

Back to Child Minding again; I had an 8 year old girl, who the younger ones looked up to. One boy said to another girl that he was going to marry her when he grew up. To which the girl said “You’re not; I’m going to”

“Don’t be silly” The boy said “Girls can’t marry Girls”

“Well then” she came back with, “I’ll get a magician to magic me into a boy and then I can!”

My all time favourite was when two children were discussing weddings; as one child had recently been to his Aunties Wedding. The girl instructed the boy ” When you grow up you have to marry me.”

“I don’t want to get married!” was his reply.

“You have to!” she told him.

“No I don’t, I know more about it than you do!”

Not wanting to be beaten; she answered “Well, I know more about prisons!”

I still haven’t worked out what she meant…

My eldest son was chatting to a 4 year that I was child minding that day. The boy was telling my son about two boys named Connor and George.

“Whose Connor?” my son asked.

” George’s friend.” replied the boy.

“Whose George?” asked my son.

You guessed it… “Connor’s friend!” came the reply

Other tales I have heard are;  two school boys were chatting about sports day, one asked the other “Why are you such a fast runner?”

“It’s in my genes,” he replied.

“Wow! Where does your mum buy them? I’ll get the same ones.”

Whilst having a drink, a father asked his daughter ” Do you know where milk comes from?”

“Of course I do; the fridge!”

After explaining that it comes from cows, she added  “And strawberry milk shake comes from pigs; because they are pink!”

Back to child minding again. A child was about to bite into a plum, when I said “Let me take the stone out first.”

He asked “Why did you put a stone from your garden in there?” Certainly made me chuckle!

As always, questions/ comments are welcome. Maybe you have a funny child saying to share?

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  1. How lovely, I love listening to kiddies chatting away. They are so clever these days. It’s amazing how when on the bus little ones always make me smile at the innocent conversations between their friends or family members. Oh happy days!

  2. I love the comment about strawberry milk shake coming from pigs because they are pink and wanting to stick leaves back on with Blu Tack. Thanks for sharing these with #ftmob 🙂

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