Promoting my blog on local radio

I was invited to go into “The voice”, Barnstaple, a local radio station in North Devon to chat about my blog.

I have been on the radio several times before; when I was campaigning to upgrade my local park (read more about this in my post titled power to the people-battle to upgrade Rock park) and when radio Devon asked me to comment on one of their parenting discussions, so I wasn’t feeling at all nervous this time.

First of all my sister who was pushing my wheelchair and I entered the building by the wrong door but a kind gentleman soon put us right and made me a coffee as we were early.

At 10.15 the appointed time we went into the studio where I sat in front of the microphone.

I asked the D.J. Paul Hopper if I was going to broadcast live, to which he replied,”Yes”.

He asked me a few questions, such as why I blog and what I write about. I think I answered the questions quite well and tried hard not to speak Β too quickly ( which is something that I am aware that I tend to do).

Afterwards I realised that I had forgotten to mention during the broadcast that as well as writing parenting/child minding tips and advice I also review related products, but it was too late now.

After the interview had finished I asked Paul if he would be kind enough to send me a copy of the recording- here it is:

A few friends and relations told me afterwards that they had listened to the show when it went out and that I did well and sounded great (personally, I don’t like the sound of my own voice).

I would recommend other bloggers to contact their local radio station, as it is a fantastic opportunity to promote your blog.

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  1. Ah that’s very exciting but I would definitely be nervous. I also talk too fast so would find that a real struggle. Well done you though it must have been a fab experience thanks for joining us at #familyfun

  2. Wow that’s amazing and well done for getting that opportunity. I think that I would have been really nervous and spoken far too fast, I did to go that way just when I’m talking about my blog to people face-to-face. I hope that the experience gave your blog lots of promotion and traffic, such a fab thing to do. Thanks for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

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