Review of Pipity activity books

Pipity have kindly sent me 3 of their new activity books to review.



This, as the title suggests consists of activities that are animal related, from making an elephant using your finger as a trunk

to tiny bugs, there are also pictures to colour and a birthday card to make.

The  thing that makes pipity stand out from other activity books is that there are you tube videos available demonstrating how to make or play each activity, which I think is worth it’s weight in gold because I have often struggled with disappointed children watching on, to figure how  a new idea is suppose to go together. These videos can be accessed through the pipity website or by a you tube scan-able code printed in the books.


This is exactly what is says full of various games and puzzles from spot-the-difference, a version of who’s who?

and even a child friendly Sudoku puzzle .For older children there is a code breaker game and a word search.


This has colouring, puzzles and things to make  all of which could be taken on holiday for help keeping children amused while they are away from home.

The above books retail at £4.99 each  which make them ideal stocking fillers, they would suit a wide variety of ages making them value for money even better pipity are offering readers of my blog a 15% discount until 20 December use the discount code xmas002 to access this from alternatively they can be purchased from Amazon.

I would have found these books an invaluable asset when I was working as a registered child minder plus the you tube videos would have meant that the older children could have tried to make the items for themselves giving a sense of achievement and allowing me to focus on the younger children.

Disclosure:I was sent the books for the purpose of the review but all opinions are my own.

As always questions/comments are welcome.






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  1. My eldest Aspen was obsessed and I truly mean obsessed with activity books when she was little, we would look at all the pretty and funny books in the stores but she would want activity books. Thanks for joining in #mg

  2. What an absolutely brilliant idea – I wish there were YouTube tutorials for all activity books like this! What a genius idea! Thanks for sharing them with us #sharethejoylinky

  3. #thesatsesh you are like the drug dealer of the children book world lol…reviewing books must bring you seriously joy. I have to say we aren’t an activity book family, little dude is allergic to anything creative and I’ll have to force him to make cards, let alone within his books lol

    1. As an ex child minder, I am passionate about children’s literature and any good activities, not quite the equivalent of a drug dealer, I hope!

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