Shape Sorting

Similar to learning about numbers and colours, the easiest way to teach our children about shapes in my opinion is to make it fun. Start by looking around your environment. Sitting in my living room, I can see several different shapes; square and rectangle picture frames, a round clock, rectangular windows and door frames, a round fruit bowl, even the buttons on the remote control are circles and squares, equally the square keys on my laptop keyboard.

I used to point out shapes to my child minded children when we were outside, as well as indoors. Road signs, for example, are mostly circles or rectangles, some are also square.

My granddaughter learnt to recognise shapes, colours and numbers by watching you tube videos, on her mum’s phone.

Of course, there are many commercial shape sorting toys on the market, for varying age ranges of children.

Many children will draw shapes in their pictures without realising it, for example a square house, with square windows and rectangle door and chimney and a triangle roof. You could also point out shapes to your children while they are playing such as the wheels on toy vehicles, or dolls prams and push chairs even the plates you serve their food on. You will be surprised how quickly they learn.

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  1. Yes shapes are all around us, they are in every room in the house and as you’ve stated plenty everywhere you go . You don’t need to buy expensive books to teach children about shapes, look out for different ones when out and about and make a game of of it , kiddies love to do that sort of thing.

  2. l agree with you Karen and Pearl that shapes are everywhere, it is such a good idea to get the basic ingrained into them really young, and of course making it fun is the best way.

  3. Using things around us on a daily basis is a really good way to educate little ones. We’ve just started getting Ben to learn the body parts on his face. He knows his tongue, mouth and nose but trying to get him to touch his ears, eyes and head get mixed up a fair few times hahah!
    Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week!

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